Do it yourself beauty evening!

Are you also sick of using beauty products full of chemicals or do you want to use something else than your normal products? In the summer, one of my best friends Eline gave me some great ideas for a nice do-it-yourself beauty evening! They are really simply, and you might already know them. All you need is some salt (normal sea salt will do, but don't use salt that is too fine because you won't be able to scrub), olive oil, yoghurt, honey and a shower or bath.

First, put some salt into a cup or small bowl. Estimate out an amount that is enough for the area you want to scrub (if you're only scrubbing your face you obviously won't need as much as when you are also doing your legs and arms). Carefully add a little olive oil to the salt and mix it with a spoon. Add more until the mixture has the texture of a scrub. Now your scrub is ready!
Now take another cup or small bowl. Pour a sufficient amount of yoghurt (again, take enough for the area you want to use it on) into the bowl. Now take some honey. Add about 2-4 teaspoons (according to the amount of yoghurt you are using), stir and add more if needed. Now your mask is ready!

You can use your scrub and mask on just your face, but I used it over my whole body. First, scrub the areas you want to, then take away the scrub and cover the areas in the yoghurt-honey mixture. The yoghurt and honey will make your whole skin feel like new. Don't forget to put cream on your face and put body lotion on your body afterwards so your skin stays soft.



IB is killing me

I haven't posted in ages again, but I simply haven't been behind the computer very much. About 5 weeks ago I started DP1, the first year of the Diploma Programme of the IB. I really want to get good grades, so I have been spending quite a lot of time on school. And it will go on like this until May 2012, when I have my final exams.

Yes I will survive (I guess), but I just have to put some effort into it to get the grades I want and that means I do not have so much time left over for blogging and the computer in general.

I will try to blog something at least once a week from now on! :]