Blog: Loes in England

Like I said before, I will keep a blog about the preparations for my life in England. I made this blog yesterday and the link is: www.loesinengeland.blogspot.com

Now it is only in Dutch, because it is mainly there to update my family and close friends (who all speak Dutch). However, you are very welcome to read along! If you'd like me to also post on the blog in English (next to Dutch) then please let me know and I will include translations :)

By the way, I'm going to see Yellowcard on 3 December! I already wanted to go but when Kim asked me to come with her yesterday I finally decided I just have to go :)

xxx Loes

Review: Lush Vanilla Fountain

I bought Vanilla Fountain, a bath bomb from Lush, a while ago, but I only used it yesterday. My expectations were quite high, because Lush promises a 'comforting' bath and a lovely vanilla smell, partially due to the vanilla pod stuck into the bath bomb. To use a bath bomb, you fill your bath, and once it has filled you step into it with your bath bomb. When I put Vanilla Fountain into the bath it started fizzing, like a bath bomb is meant to. But I am wondering why Lush called it Vanilla Fountain because it looks nothing like a fountain. After a few minutes, all that was left of it was a yellow colour in my bath water and a vanilla fragrance. This fragrance stayed after I had the bath, but it did not last more than an hour or so. Also, after emptying the bath, some yellow residue was left on the sides of the tub, so make sure you clean your bath properly after using this bath bomb, or you might end up with a yellow instead of a white bath.

Personally, I only occasionaly buy bath bombs. I think they are a bit of a waste of money, because they are gone after a few minutes and often their smell does not last long either. To be honest, Vanilla Fountain has not made my high expectations come true. The smell was nice, but not amazing. The bath also did not do much for my skin, it was not much softer than it normally is. Therefore, I don't think I will buy this bath bomb again.

Vanilla Fountain costs 5,15 euros.

- It smells good
- The vanilla pod inside makes it look attractive

Smell does not last very long
- It is quite expensive for one bath
- It does not do much for your skin

Buy it or not?
I would not buy this bath bomb again, but that is because I generally do not really like bath bombs. If you are a fan of bath bombs, you could always give this one a try, because you might like it more than I do.



I told you at the end of the summer holidays that I would put up a post once a week, but I didn't do it. I'm sorry! I've been really busy (school, homework, university application) and also didn't have much inspiration for my blog. From now on I am going to try to push myself to post something interesting at least once a week, but you will need to help me! You can help me by telling me what type of posts you like to see, and by commenting on my posts. You can really motivate me :)

Like I said, I've been busy with my university application lately. I am applying to university in England (so excited!) and since I am applying to Oxford I had to send my application to my careers counsellor by the 30th of September and then she will put in my predicited grades and references and send it off to UCAS before the 16th of October. These are the universities and courses I am applying to:
University of Oxford - Spanish and Linguistics
King's College London - Hispanic Studies with English
Queen Mary, University of London - Hispanic Studies and Linguistics
Royal Holloway, University of London - Spanish with German
University of Reading - English Language and Literature (but I am considering to change this to English and Hispanic Studies, so that it fits in better with my personal statement)

Of course I will let you know once I get offers in from the universities! Also, I will probably start a blog (in Dutch, but if you want also in English) about my preparations for university and once I live there my life in England. Once I made this blog I will post the link here, so that people who are interested can read that blog.

So what posts would you like to see on my blog? Do you like posts about beauty, fashion, baking/cooking, photography or something totally different?