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Photo from weheartit.com - http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/phineypel

It's Halloween tomorrow! I used to love celebrating Halloween at my old school in Hamburg. In junior school all the students and teachers came to school dressed up and we had a great party with loads of finger food in class! I remember dressing up as a witch several times, but also once as a hippie. I still love dressing up, but sadly my testweek is starting this Tuesday so I need to study and I can't celebrate Halloween. Besides, here in The Netherlands barely anybody celebrates it...
Are you celebrating Halloween?


IB survival tip

A few days ago I was googling some thing about CAS, when I came across a website called IB Survival. I opened it and looked around a bit, and decided to register. On IB Survival you can discuss anything about the IB program with other students from all over the world who know exactly how you feel! So whenever you are not sure about how to study or how to write your world literature assignment, you can ask other students on IB Survival. And if you don't need help there are plenty of other things to do.

So, if you are an IB students experiencing difficulties surviving the IB or you just want to talk to other students you can check out www.ibsurvival.com :]



This week (Tuesday and Wednesday to be precise) I went to Bonn, Germany for a night with my mother and brother. My dad works there three days a week, and we'd never seen his appartment or been to the city itself. On Tuesday evening we had dinner at Vapiano, and especially my desert was delicious! It was a so-called 'Mitarbeiter special' meaning it was the idea of a employee at Vapiano. It was a combination of cream with orange flavour, blueberries and cantuccini (those delicious Italian cookies!) arranged in a cup in layers. If you ever see it at Vapiano, give it a try! It's really yummy :]

On Wednesday my dad had to work. My mother, brother and I went to have breakfast at a bakery and then took the u-bahn to the center. My brother and I sleep on pillow sized 80x80 cm, which they don't sell in The Netherlands. So we bought those in the Galleria Kaufhof. I also got a new set of bedlinnen. I decided to have a look at the calendars, because they have so many in Germany, and then I saw a really big one of London! We bought it and I'm probably getting it for Sinterklaas, but I can't wait to have it hanging in my room! I also finally got the Arthur und die Minnimoys 2 DVD, with Bill's voice yes!

I really liked Bonn, eventhough I was there for such a short time, and so did my mom and brother. So we're defenitely planning to again some time. :]




Sandsculptures @ Noordwijk, NL - Photograph by me
Don't you also think Wall-E is amazing?