Dinosaurs Go Rawr :]

Mrs. Bradshaw, my personal project supervisor, told me I should start blogging about my project.
I find this slightly pointless, since I have to hand in my project on the 6th of January, so it's a bit late. But I'll do it anyway.

This week was pretty frustrating.
On Wednesday I had appointments for photoshoots with Kim and Joris.
I had to wait for Joris, so I did. And he didn't turn up, which made me pretty pissed.
Because it was like the last opportunity I had.
Turned out he had his 5th period cancelled and didn't know how to let me know.
But we took the pictures today. There are some good ones of him. But I think he could have smiled a bit xD
And there are some nice pictures of Kim as well.
And now I'm FINALLY finished with taking all the pictures!

That was it about my personal project xD

Yesterday evening was the christmas gala.
I went with some friends.
I think my expectations were too high. I thought it was going to be great, but I didn't have as much fun as I thought I would.
Most of my friends were drinking, also ones of who I thought they wouldn't do it.
I was the innocent girl and only had the free champagne and a sip from Regina's Wodka Blue.
Actually tasted good, but I told myself I shouldn't take a whole bottle.
The champagne was actually the first real glass of alcohol in my life. I've had wine with water and some sips from my mom's drinks, but never a real glass for myself. I'm actually happy that I don't drink much, and I hope people can also respect that later.

The title of this looooong blog is from a song.
Dinosaurs Go Rawr by Amy Can Flyy
Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZrhRcp3pBA
I found it recently, when I was looking from some good music on youtube.
I just love random things like that song.
So I say Dinosaurs Go Rawr a lot now xD


Hello :]

Woah, I haven't posted in ages.
So here's a post again =D

Yesterday was Sinterklaas.
Since I am 15 and my brother is 13 we don't really celebrate it anymore.
We just got some small presents.
I got:
- A chocolate letter L
- A set of 4 showergels
- 50 euros
But I'm happy with it, because I can buy something I like with the 50 euros.
But I don't know anything yet, so I'll just save it till I know something great!
I also went shopping for a dress with my mom yesterday.
I got a turquoise strapless one =D
So I also count that as a present xD

This week is going to be quite busy...
I barely did any homework this weekend so I'll have to do that after school.
I'm also taking pictures of about 6 people for my personal project.
And I don't know like half the people, and I'm so bad at talking with people I don't know haha

I'll be so happy when it's weekend again! :]



So I said I was going to post a pic of my glasses right?
Still didn't feel like taking a picture, so you'll have to wait till next weekend.
I'm sorrrrrrry.

Today one of my friends, Abena, turned 16.
Whooohooo Happy B-day =D
She's a really amazing person.
Really giggly, too.
But that's what's nice about her :]

Tomorrow I'll be doing the ISCO test.
Which is like a sort of job/careertest... it basically helps you find out which careers are interesting for you!
I'm doing it, because I want to study journalism but I have absolutely no back-up plan.
And it's already quite hard to get into journalism, as far as I know.
It's going to take from 8:30 till 12:45 o__o
Hopefully it will give me a back-up plan though.
Because it's also quite expensive, I think about 350 euros?
And I don't want my parents to pay that for nothing xD


It's about time

I haven't posted for a week...
Simply because I didn't really feel like it and had nothing to tell.
Still don't have much to tell you, but whatever xD

Today was a pretty boring day.
I went to the city with my mom and my brother.
And I barely did any homework. Or actually nothing, except 2 math questions xD
That means I have a lot to do tomorrow .__.

Yesterday I went to get my new glasses from the optician!
They are so different, but so amazing.
Will try to post a picture tomorrow!



Yesterday I went to a birthday party from 2 guys.
It was pretty boring at the beginning, but at the end it was a little bit better.
Luckily I came with my friends, otherwise I would have been bored to death xD

I woke up at 11 this morning, later than ever.
But that was because I was in bed at 2, and normally I go to bed a lot earlier xD
I'm not really a night person.

Haven't got much other things to tell you, but just wanted to post a blog :]


Panik </3

Panik, one of my very favourite bands, is breaking up.
I can't believe it.
I've been a fan since April 2007, when they started as Nevada Tan.
In those 2 1/2 years, they've seen so many shadowsides of the music business.
It's just not fun for them anymore.

I really want to see them live on their last tour.
I've never seen them live before.
But all the concerts are in Germany, so my mom doesn't allow me to go.
She says it's not the end of the world.
And I know it's not, but at the moment it does feel like it is.


Yay :]

Today, I got back some really good grades =D
I'm not going to try to explain our grading system to you, because you won't understand anyways xD
So for Math I had these grades:
Test - 6/8
Investigation Number Cells - 7/8
Investigation Mystic Rose - 5/6 & 3/6
That gives me a 5 [out of 7] as a report grade =D
And a 5 = good :]
I was only one point from a 6...
& Spanish...
I got a 5/8 for my test. Could have done better, but it was quite hard.
It was a reading test with 14 or 15 questions and there were a few questions I didn't understand or missunderstood.
On my report I get a 5, just like math 1 point off from a 6 xD
I am really happy with these grades and I hope my other grades are also good =D

And I just discovered that, if I calculated right, I only have about 16 lessons of chemistry left in my whole life.
Whoa, that's not even that much right?
Can't wait till that subject is out of my lifeeeee =D
It's not that I'm bad at it, got a 5/6 on my test, but I just really hate it. I always think I don't understand it xD



"Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year!"

All Time Low


Helloooo :]

Today started off very nice.
It was sunny and there were no clouds.
So different from yesterday, when it was pouring half the day!
I took the train to Amsterdam with my mom and we went shopping =D
It got cloudy and foggy when we were in Amsterdam but that didn't ruin the fun :]
I didn't buy much big, interesting stuff, but still some nice things:
- 2 Winnie the Pooh PJ's =D
- Underwear
- 5 pairs of studearrings [tapes, speech bubbles saying 'I (L) music', monsters, pink-black checkered hearts and hearts with a purple-black pattern]
- 3 Green Day CD's [Nimrod, American Idiot and Bullet in a Bible]
- Lush Big shampoo

I think that was it actually xD
Now I have to go and do some chemistry homework, which is sooo much fun.
Oh well it's got to be done, so I'm just going to do it now...



Today, my mom, my brother and I went to a Nature working day at Landgoed Keukenhof.
I have to do 20 community & service hours, and I gained 5 today =D
We had to pull out little trees in a forest, that stand between the bigger trees.
It was heavy work, but a lot of fun!
I had been to 2 of these days before, I'm usually the only teenager there but it's still a lot of fun.
You're outside and doing something good for the nature!
I got really dirty, because the trees were wet and I'm very tired now.
But it was a good day :]



Finally, testweek is over!
What lies ahead of me is a busy weekend.
Tomorrow I'm going to help clean up the nature on the Natuur Werkdag.
I'm doing it for my Community & Service :]
And on Sunday I'm going to Amsterdam with my mom!

Yesterday I watched the EMA's.
Both Tokio Hotel and Green Day did an amazing performance!
But I can't say I liked this performance more than the 'Monsoon' one...
Tokio Hotel won the prize for Best Group!
And Green Day won Best Rock =D
You rock guys!



Tonight is finally the night of the MTV EMA's 2009!
I really hope Tokio Hotel wins in Best Group and Green Day wins in Best Live Act [I know they really deserve that, I went to their concert on the 16th of October and it was AMAZING] and Best Rock.
Both bands are performing.
Tokio Hotel's performance is said to be even better than the one they did at the EMA's 2007.
Back then, they performed 'Monsoon' and liters, thousands of liters of water came down on their heads.
They were soaked. And that was so fucking sexy.
If it's going to be better than that, I don't know what to say.
Green Day is also performing and I know that will be really awesome too.
They are just really amazing live <3

Blub I'm a fish

My chemistry and math tests actually went quite well.
I have quite  a good feeling about chemistry, and with math I know I could've done better but I still did good enough.
On math I skipped one question because I forgot how to do it and didn't feel like thinking about it xD
But I knew I had enough things right to compensate for that.
Tomorrow I have a Spanish reading test and then test week is finally over.
Next week I will have my first lesson of economics and business!
I never had it before, so I wonder what it's going to be like...
Yes it's weird that we only get it this late and you don't have to take it but whatever xD

At the moment I'm just really bored.
I think I'll look up some more pictures and then start working on this secret suprise present for my best friend [sssshhhht...]
It's going to turn out awesome, and I hope she will love it!
She really deserves a just-because present, she's being and going through so many things lately...

Oh and yes the title of this blog is very random, but that's how I am :]


Chemistry o__o

I have a chemistry test tomorrow.
But I don't feel like studying that well, because I don't understand some things and I don't even want to understand them.
I also have a math test, but I'm not really worried about that.
I seriously can't wait till the chemistry test is over o__o
And actually I don't really care about my grades for chemistry, as long as I have satisfactory grades.
Not going to use it in the future anyways, can't wait to drop it at the end of this year!

Young Writers Competition

Today, I saw a poster at school about the Young Writers Competition.
This is a writing competition for children aged 6 - 18 in international schools in The Netherlands or in bilingual streams of Dutch state schools.
I am thinking about joining this competition.
You can basically write anything, as long as it is about friendship.
This is the website: www.youngwriterscompetition.nl
What do you think? Should I give it a try? =D


Chocolate Raisins

So bad, but so delicious.
I should tell my mom to stop buying them, but I love them so much <3
I eat them like every day now o__o
Maybe I should start eating them once every 2 days at the most...
Or ask my mom not to get a new bag every week, but just every 2 week or less...



Yes, again.
My personal project has to be finished in 2 months time.
So far away, but yet so close.
I have the feeling I'm not going to make it.
Teachers just seem to think we have nothing better to do than make projects, write essays, write labreports, etc.
I really want to work on my personal project a lot, but I really don't feel like it when I've been at school all day and had a lot of other homework.
I have the feeling nobody will even want to be a model o__o
Yes I need models. I'm taking pictures of people with authentic styles in my school.
Should have chosen something easier >.<
Another problem: I never talk to strangers. I tend to get really quiet around strangers.
And that's one of the most important things in this whole project.
Most of my models will be strangers to me. I only saw them walking around at school.
But it might leave me with a lot of new friends.
I hope that on the 5th of January, when it has to be handed in, I'm not only happy because it's finished but also because I made a wonderful project.


Art is such an annoying subject.
Last year, we had this crap teacher who never explained anything properly.
We never got any feedback on our work, not even on our essays.
Now we have a better teacher, but he expects so much more from us.
Last year, I had a 6 one term and a 4 the other term. These are grades out of 7, so 4 is satisfactory.
Now I do about the same as I did last year, but it's not enough. Suddenly, so much more is expected from us.
I think I'm going to fail art. That sucks, because it's going to be the first unsatisfactory grade on my report ever.
What a stupid subject to fail.


Chemicals Collide

My first post, is a very negative, boring one.
Chemistry. A subject that probably doesn't make you happy.
Should be studying right now. But I don't feel like it.
I don't understand half of what is going on. And guess what. I don't even want to understand.
Chemistry is not something that's important for my life.
I'm going to be so happy when I don't have it anymore next school year.
'Till then I will have to learn about the different kinds of bonds, reactions, combustion, energy and so on.

Chemistry is calling me.
I'm going to try to understand how to draw a Lewis diagram.