Finally my summer holidays have started! Well.. officially my last day is the 2nd of July. But I only have to come to school 3 times between now and then, to get my grades, bring back my books and on the last day for the closing ceremony. Today I had my last 2 tests, Business and Math. Math went suprisingly well, and Business went quite well too. In the afternoon I went to Leiden with some friends. Ofcourse we went to Starbucks! I had a Java Chip Frappucino, I wanted to try that coffee-based for so long (I had it without coffee last year, when I had my first Starbucks ever in Hamburg) but everytime I asked they didn't have it. Now they had it so I tried it, and it was delicious. After that we did some shopping, I didn't buy anything though.

Tomorrow evening I'm going to a party of a girl from my class who is leaving to finish her school at boarding school in Denmark. I don't know if the party will be fun since most people in my class are party animals that like to get drunk and I'm not into that sort of stuff. But I think that shouldn't really matter. A friend of mine that's also going also doesn't drink much, so I think I'll survive.

This post is probably boring you to death so I'm going to stop here. I will try to post some more interesting stuff in the summer holidays. That reminds me, I should take pictures of our 'new' living room and post them here! I love our sofa, because it's a lot bigger than the one we had before. The other things also turned out very nice. But I'll show you pictures later!



Finally the summer has come to Holland! In the last few days the weather has been great, it's really sunny and warm. Maybe even a little too warm if you sit in the sun. But I'm loving it! I spent the whole of yesterday outside because we had sportsday, which I usually don't like but it was okay because the weather was so nice. Today I also spent a lot of time outside, and tomorrow I probably will again!

But I can't enjoy the weather too much, because I also have homework to do. I have to work hard for school for 2 1/2 more weeks, because then the term and the testweek are finally over! I can't believe the summer holidays are so close, and yet so far because there's still A LOT of work to do... I'll be so happy once all the projects and tests are done and I can relax until the end of August. Then I will be starting DP1, starting the last 2 years of my IB. I will work hard those last 2 years, because I want to graduate with really good grades so I have the option of going to a university like Oxford or Cambridge. At the moment I wouldn't pick such a university because the language courses they give seem much to literature-based for me. But I want to keep my options open and I know I can get a very good diploma!