Things I Love: Pull and Bear

I recently discovered Pull and Bear, a Spanish (correct me if I'm wrong!) clothing brand. As I admired the clothes on their website I thought: they probably only have stores outside of The Netherlands. But I was wrong: they have 3 shops in The Netherlands, including one in The Hague. And I happened to be going to The Hague this week with Eline (it's only about 15 minutes by train from where I live), so of course I had to go and have a look! I bought one tanktop, which will be very useful during this hot summer weather.

This is the top I bought at Pull and Bear in The Hague on Thursday, it was only 8 euros! I'm happy with it, especially because of the colour - my closet was full of white tops so I really needed something in a different colour.

Looking at the clothes on the website, I see lots of things I would love to own, and especially the tops are totally my style - relaxed, sometimes a bit childlike and comfortable. Here is a selection of the things I like:

What do you think of Pull and Bear?

x Loes



Hi everyone!

I didn't post anything for a very, very long time. The main reason: exams! But I had my last exam on Friday and I now have a 3 1/2 month holiday until I start university half way through September (If I get the grades, that is). I have quite a few plans for this summer, starting with Speech Day tomorrow (a 'closing off' event with the whole class, with speeches from teachers and students) and prom on Friday. I will also be going on some trips: in July I will spend 5 days in Prague with Eline, and in August I will spend 7 days in Agios Nikolaos on Crete (Greece) with Kim. For the rest I will be doing to usual things: meeting up with friends, shopping, reading, and going on a few day trips to the zoo and attraction parks. And of course I will mainly RELAX, because that's something I haven't done a lot in the last 2 years!

Today I handed in my books at school and then went for lunch at Bagels and Beans with Sara and Abena. Do you know Bagels and Beans? They have amazing bagels - I had one with salmon and cream cheese, absolutely delicous :)
After that I went shopping with Abena, and just on time I found a dress for Speech Day! I will show you the dress and a couple other things I bought.

 The dress I bought for Speech Day. First I was thinking of wearing a black dress, simply because I have nothing else. But that dress is really wintery so I am glad I found this! Will wear it with simple black pumps I think, don't have anything else and couldn't find anything else today either.
The theme for Speech Day is Harry Potter, but as you can see I am not dressing for the theme. I think a lot of people aren't, because it is a really hard theme to dress for unless you want to look like a school girl with a skirt and tie.

I bought this dress at H&M for 19,95 euros (so cheap!).

Our Senior Prom this Friday is a masquerade so the main goal of our shopping spree was buying a mask. This is the mask I bought. Probably won't wear it very long though, because I have glasses and without them I can't recognise people very easily. I bought it at a 'party shop' for about 4 euros.
I already bought my prom dress last summer in Hamburg, maybe I'll post pictures of it after prom.

And last but not least some products from The Body Shop!
Left: Body Butter Duo - Floral Acai. I already wanted this for a long time, it smells lovely! I never bought it because I found it too expensive (17 euros) but I thought I deserved it now because I survived my exams.
Middle - Coconut Body Butter (small). My big coconut body butter is almost finished, but I didn't want to buy another big one, because I was already buying the duo one, so decided to buy a small one which we also be useful to take on holidays. I think it was 5 euros, but I am not exactly sure.
Right - Peppermint Cooling Foot Spray (small). Saw this in the rack with mini products and decided to buy it, it is a spray which refreshes and revives tired feet. Very useful after prom, and for taking on holidays because it is so small. This also costed about 5 euros.

Are you also doing exams this year? If you are in the Dutch system and you are in the middle of your exams: good luck!