Boys Like Girls

Sorry that I didn't post anything for a week, but I was busy. I also don't have that much time now, so this will be a short post.

I went to Boys Like Girls in Eindhoven last Friday with my friend Kim, it was great and I can't wait till they come back to The Netherlands! If you haven't heard of them, you should look them up on youtube, one of my favourite songs is 'Learning To Fall'. Some pictures I took at the concert, sorry for the bad quality but the camera I took with me isn't very good:


Cupcakes with Oreos

I made these cupcakes with my two best friends, Eline and Annabell, in the summer and they are lovely! Not only are there oreos in the cupcakes themselves, but also in the icing. Yum!
The recipe came from the book '500 cupcakes' from Fergal Connolly, a lovely book with tons of yummy cupcakes!
This recipe will make approximately 18 cupcakes. I'm sorry if not everything is clear, I translated it from Dutch, and I don't know all the baking jargon in English.


For the cupcakes
230 g soft butter
230 very fine sugar
230 g selfrising baking flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
4 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
10 crumbled/crushed double chocolate cookies (i.e. Oreos or similar cookies)

For the icing
600 g powdered sugar (sieved)
230 g soft butter
Pinch of salt
10 crumbled/crushed double chocolate cookies (i.e. Oreos or similar cookies)

Warm up the oven to 175 degrees celsius or gas setting 2-3. Put 18 cupcake/muffin forms in the muffin bakingplate. Put all ingredients for the cupcakes except the crushed cookies in a big bowl and use a mixer to mix them for 2-3 minutes so you get a light-coloured, creamy batter. Carefully scoop (so not using the mixer but using a spoon!) the cookie crumbles through the batter. Put the batter in the cupcake forms and bake for 20 minutes. Take the baking plates out of the oven and let them cool down for 5 minutes. After that, take the cupcakes out and let them cool down.

For the icing, mix the powdered sugar with butter and salt using a mixer. Put some icing on each cupcake and sprinkle some cookie crumbles over them.


The powdered sugar used in the icing is a huge amount, therefore just slowly add the powdered sugar until you like the icing.

If you made them, tell me if you liked them!


I love London

I absolutely love London. I've only been there a few times, of which I only remember the last time I went, because I was too young before that. Last years' trip made me fall in love with the city. I can't really define what it is that made me fall in love, but I think it's a combination of the atmosphere, the people, the shops and the language. London is just a lot nicer than any city in The Netherlands, and if you've never been there it's time to go soon! I hope to be visiting this gorgeous city again next year, and then I'll make a decision on whether I will follow a full university course there, or only spend a year of my study there.
If you visit London I really recommend Camden Market, this used to be a horse market (if I'm right?) and now there are loads of little stalls that sell alternative clothing, music merchandise and many other things. In the same area there are also more alternative shops, such as a Criminal Damage shop. So if you like alternative styles: go to Camden Market.

Do you also like London as much as I do or do you have another favourite city?


Review: 'The Comforter'

The Comforter is one of the many bath products that Lush sells. It is a bubble bar slice, and it promises to form a nice blanket of foam to protect you from the mean outside world. This bubble bar slice should comfort you when you are having a bad moment.
When I got my first bubble bar slice, I didn't really know how to use it. I simply crumbled some of it into my bath water, but all that happened was a slight change in colour in the water. Then I found out you need to crumble the bubble bar slice under the running tap. When I did that, I got heaps and heaps of foam. And you don't need to crumble the whole bar, a little bit will do. If you use it correctly, The Comforter really does what it promises!
So if you are ever having a bad day, go to Lush, buy this bubble bar slice and have a warm bath. It really will make you feel better. 
If you want to you can also use The Comforter under the shower, I think if you rub some into one of those puffy sponges you will also get a bit of foam.

The Comforter Bubble Bar Slice costs 6.95 euros for 200 g. You should be able to take about 10 baths with one bubble bar slice.


Dr. Martens

This year is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martens, and since I recently fell in love with these shoes I need to dedicate a post to them!

At first sight Dr. Martens shoes may look really ugly and big, not shoes a girl or woman should be wearing. But at the moment these type of shoes are coming back into the fashion scene, and many girls and women enjoy wearing them! As long as you combine Dr. Martens in the right way, they can look fashionable and add something to your look instead of making you look like you are off to a building site. You can wear Dr. Martens like you would wear any other type of boot, with skinny jeans and a top in grunge/rock style. I can also tell you that they are quite comfortable, but if you are used to wearing vans/sneakers every day (like me) it will take a while to get used to proper boots like these.

I have this boot, the 1460 8-Eye in Black Smooth:

And I would like to own these sometime, I love how they are so girly but still not the shoes everyone wears!

And this is my favourite boot from the collaboration between Dr. Martens and Sanrio, who are both celebrating their 50th anniversary. Isn't it cute?

What do you think of Dr. Martens? Would you wear them or not?


MTV Europe Music Awards

Tonight is the night: the night of the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 in Madrid! From 21:00 (Dutch time) you can follow the show live on MTV. Like every year there will be loads of performances, and many artists have been nominated to win a prize. I hope that either Green Day or Tokio Hotel will win the prize for the Best Worldstage Performance, I don't really care about the other categories. Who deserves a prize according to you?


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Hello there :]

I used to have a blog on OnSugar (thereisnolovehere.onsugar.com), but found this was a little inconvinient because not many people seem to know it. I also find it much easier to customise my blog on Blogger (it's still not something I'm good at). So I decided to move to Blogger. You can see the posts from my old blog below this post, so if you are interested you can always read them!

For my new followers:

I'm Loes, 16 years old and I live in Oegstgeest, a small town in The Netherlands. I'm 100% Dutch, even though I spent 7 years of my life in Hamburg, Germany. At the moment I'm in the first year of the Diploma Programme of the IB, if you are also an IB student you probably know that that means that there will be times when I can't blog very much (although I hope that I can always post something at least once a week). In 2 years time I would like to be studying in London (you might have guessed that I love London by looking at my header) or somewhere else in the UK or The Netherlands. I enjoy writing, and I would like to become a journalist. Beside that I also like photography, listening to music, reading and just chilling/chatting with friends.

If you want to know more, feel free to ask :]

I will probably be blogging about a lot of different things, just things that pop to my mind. They can be related to music, photography, my view on fashion, baking, anything really.



Picture from http://wollye.tumblr.com/page/85

Today was the last day of my testweek, and I had my geography test. I think it went okay, but not perfect. My math test yesterday was the worst of the whole week, pretty much the whole class was confused on the non-calculator part and so was I. But I think I did okay on the part where we could use a calculator.
I love how I can relax, and do anything I want after such a busy week full of studying. All I do is sit behind the computer and just look around on the internet, listening to music. This is so much better than studying! What do you do to relax after a busy week?

Did you see the kitten? I wish I had such a cute kitten!


Cute Hats

Winter is coming up, that means it's time to buy warm clothes.
I already have a new jacket which I ordered from H&M a few weeks ago, but I still want a new hat, scarf and gloves to go with it.
Today I found a few cute hats on the website of River Island, but they don't ship to The Netherlands which is stupid. But I will go and look in a River Island shop as soon as I see one!

These are the hats, aren't they adorable?