Happy Birthday to Georg!

Yes today it's Georg Listing's [Tokio Hotel's bass player] birthday!
He's turning 23!
Well Georg, even though you won't read this: have a great day and eat a lot of cake and get a lot of presents [von Universaaaaaal... rippeeeeen? o__o]



"They're telling me it's beautiful, I believe them but will I ever know the world behind my wall?"

Tokio Hotel


Smile :]

 Tokio Hotel's album 'Humanoid' got platinum in Italy.
Ignore the people around them, and look at their lovely smiles!
I love to see my boys smile, and that they are happy with what they have reached.
And look at Georg, doesn't he look amazing? I just want to pull him out of the picture! <3



I just have to tell you about this lovely restaurant!
Vapiano is an Italian restaurant, which is absolutely gorgeous!
I have been there twice, of which one time was yesterday. They have a big choice of pizza's and pasta's and ofcourse antipasti, salads and the best desserts.
And it's not expensive! You can have a starter, a main dish and a dessert for about 15 euro's.

When you come in, you get a sort of 'credit card'. You use this to 'pay' for your food while you're in the restaurant. If you want to eat something, you walk to the bar and say what you want. The card is then scanned and the cost of the food is added. This happens each time you order something. When you order a starter you can wait for it, but when you order a pizza you get a buzzer. You take this with you to your table and it starts vibrating when your food is ready and you can pick it up. When you're leaving, you give in your 'credit card' and they scan it to see how much you have to pay. Then you can pay. Isn't it amazing?

Yesterday I shared Carpaccio with my mom and I had a pizza Crudo (with parma ham and parmesan cheese) and a Crema di Fragola (mascarpone with strawberries) and it was all really delicious!

In The Netherlands there are 2 restaurants, one in The Hague and one in Amsterdam. This year another one will open in Rotterdam.
If you live close to these cities I would really recommend you to go there some time!


I just found this look on Audrey Kitching's blog.
I think it's amazing, I especially love the Doc Martens and her pants with the patches on them!
The jacket that she's wearing isn't really my taste, but the rest of her outfit really inspires me.


And again I haven't blogged in ages....
I really need to do some more blogging xD

In the mean time I have turned 16 on the 6th of March [yay!] and I've been to Valencia for a week!
For my birthday I got the CD 'Almost Alice' from the Alice in Wonderland movie, a Lush package, a little cupboardy thing for my jewellery, lots of jewellery and loads more!

The day after my birthday I left for Valencia! It was a school language trip, to improve our Spanish. We had lessons from 9:30 till 13:30 every morning. Then we were free to do what ever we wanted around lunch. There was a park with palm trees right next to the school, so Rebecca and I would usually hang out there in the sun. Or we went to the 'Mascletas'. It was the week before the 'Fallas' [a Valencian party/festival] which meant there were really loud fireworks called Mascletas on the main square of the city every day at 14:00. In the afternoon we usually did something with the whole group, one day we had a guided tour of Valencia, another day we had a Flamenco lesson. After that we sometimes did some more shopping [most shops were open till 22:00 every day!] or went right back 'home' to our host families. Yes, we stayed with Spanish families. And the lady Rebecca and I stayed at was meant to speak English but she refused... So most of the time we only understood half of what she was saying xD But it was still fun!

And now... I'm at home... it's Sunday and I'm meant to be doing homework, but I don't feel like it xD
Going to have a shower first in a few minutes :]