New stuff

A week ago I said I would show you the presents I got from Kim and I still hadn't posted a picture! But here it is:

Aren't the sheep and the bear so cute? And I love the smell of the candle, it smells of vanilla.

I also bought some new tops in the holidays:

The left one is from Desigual, and the two on the right are from Zara. I also got another top from Zara, but it's in the washing machine now. I was pretty surprised that I found such nice tops at Zara, because I normally never shop there.

I also bought some other things, for example in preparation for the Morocco trip (we are leaving on Friday! =D): a new suitcase (but a soft one, like a 'weekendtas' but with wheels... don't know the English word), a backpack, a windbreaker sweater/jacket and some plain tops. Maybe I'll take some pictures when I'm packing and post them on here.
And I also went to Waterstone's (English bookstore in Amsterdam, it is amazing!) and got Jane Eyre and The Great Gatsby. Yes I am going to study literature for fun! :]

I can't wait till I have holidays again! How were your holidays, or haven't they started yet?



Finally the holidays have started, I really need them! I spent this weekend with a friend, Kim. She came to celebrate my birthday (which is in 2 weeks). Yesterday we went shopping and had a nice dinner at Vapiano and today we just played on the Wii. She also gave me some nice presents: a little figure of a sheep with a flower in its mouth, a candle that smells like vanilla and a special stone that I can hang on a necklace. I also bought some things for myself: a face mask and a long, white tanktop. I think I'll take some pictures of the presents tomorrow, so you can see them!
The rest of my holidays will be quite busy, because I need to do quite a lot of school work. I also need to do some shopping for Morocco.

To do list for school (so I can see what I have to do and you can see how busy I am haha):
- Work on World Literature Essay 1 (English)
- Think of idea for World Literature Essay 2 (English)
- Start on Individual Oral Presentation (English)
- Finish reading Atonement (English)
- Math exercises
- Read in Joe Speedboot (Dutch)
- Start studying biology
- Study for Spanish test
- Email geography essay to teacher

I think that was about it, and I also need to organise my school stuff a bit... my papers are all over the place. I am going to spend this evening relaxing in the bath with a face mask on, so I can start working hard tomorrow!

Oh and I just put the picture there because I think it's really cute, don't you? :]


Love Like Woe

This song was recommended to me by a friend, and I like it very much. What do you think of it?


Kasbah du Toubkal

In a few weeks, it's travel week at my school and my class will be travelling to Morocco! First we'll be staying in Marrakech for two days, and then we'll go into the Atlas mountains. In the mountains we'll stay in Imlil, in the Kasbah du Toubkal. This accomodation is at a fabulous location, as you can see in the picture above. When I look at pictures like this one, I become more and more exited. It will be my first time visiting Africa, so I'm not sure what to expect but I think it will be a wonderful experience. Of course I'll take my camera to Morocco and you can expect some pictures here when I'm back!

Have you ever been to Morocco?