All Missing Pieces

This picture wasn't taken by me, credit goes to Eefje Lammers (whoever that is).

All Missing Pieces is one of my favourite bands. It's a young band consisting of 3 brothers (Camiel Meiresonne, Quinten Meiresonne and Wrister Meiresonne) and some other extra musicians. They come from The Hague and are not very famous yet, but their fanbase is growing. I can't really describe the music they make, it's a little alternative I guess.

I first came in touch with their music at Appelpop 2008, when Eline told me they were meant to be quite good so we went to watch them. Right away I thought they were awesome, the guys have so much energy when they are on the stage! A month later I attended a fan day in The Hague and I managed to get pictures with the guys, autographs and Camiels guitar pick. I haven't seen them since October 2008, but they recently brought out their first album (Virtue.Mine.Honour) which is making me fall in love with this band all over again! I will be seeing them next week, at the 'Bevrijdingsfestival' in The Hague.

Just listen to some of their songs and tell me what you think:

Infinity (new song)
Busdriver (old song)



Love the Look!

Again I found a look of Audrey Kitching that I absolutely love!

Isn't it so amazing?
I love how the leggings with the bows make the outfit really cute eventhough she's wearing a 'rough' leather jacket and shoes.
I wish I could steal her outfits.


Annabell's blog, hard work and beautiful weather!

Before I start blogging about my quite boring life, I want to tell you about Annabell's blog!
Annabell is one of my best friends, she lives in Hamburg, and she started a blog on onsugar as well.
Have a look and start following her :]

This morning I woke up early. Yes I woke up at half past 7 on a Saturday morning. Crazy huh?
But I still had to do some Community & Service hours, and at my brothers archery club they needed some help to prepare the new building for use. So my mom, my brother and I spent a few hours in the sun sanding the outside of the building so that it can be painted. It was tiring, but it was nice because the weather is great today!

Since the weather is getting better and better my dad cleaned our garden chairs and table today, so we can sit outside again. Tomorrow we'll probably go bike somewhere because the weather is meant to be even better! I want to enjoy the weather tomorrow as much as possible, so I'm going to do some homework now so that I don't have to do it tomorrow.

By the way: last weekend I got accepted to write for the 'Roomservice' the amateur magazine of the Tokio Hotel Dutch Street Team!
I really wanted to write for them because it is good practice for my journalist skills, since I want to become a journalist. So I'm happy =D



I haven't posted in ages again... sorry =O

Last weekend 2 of my friends, Yascha and Kim came over. They were still coming over for my birthday, which was on the 6th of March. So they still had some presents for me as well! From Yascha I got 3 lollies and a book with recipes for 500 cupcakes. I'm going to bake something from the book in the May holidays. From Kim I got 4 bracelets, which I've been wearing everyday since Saturday and 4 nailpolishes (lilac, brownish/greyish, dark purple and peach).
On Saturday we went shopping in Leiden together. I bought a new blue nailpolish, a belt with studs and the album Virtue.Mine.Honour from All Missing Pieces. We spent the evening at a playground nearby my house. We took jumping pictures and played on the seesaw and the swings. Yes we are childish, haha xD

Kim stayed over at my house till Sunday evening. On Sunday we were bored so my mom suggested that we could bike to the flowerfields in Noordwijk. So we biked to Noordwijk and then randomly took some route. We ended up in Katwijk and lost the route we were following, so we decided to go back home. I'm proud that we didn't use a single map, because I never biked there! In total we biked for about 3 hours through flower fields, dunes and past the sea. It was really nice, and the weather was great.

And the last few days I haven't really been doing much except for homework...



This morning the sportive person in me came to the surface. Yes, I went running! My condition is really bad, so I want to improve it by going running twice a week, on Sunday and Thursday. And I also would like to lose some weight.
Today I went for about 15 minutes. Ofcourse I didn't run the whole time, but I think I did quite well! And I actually can't wait till I'm going again on Thursday!

Yesterday I went to Eline, we went shopping in Zoetermeer. I bought a blue shirt with Snoopy eating an ice cream at the Sting and bath tea from Blond.
After the shopping we went to 'Alice in Wonderland', we watched it in 3D. I had never watched a movie in the cinema in 3D, only documentaries in special 3D cinemas. I liked the movie, but in my opinion the 3D didn't add much to the movie. And you had to pay 10,50 euros, while movies normally cost about 7 or 8 euros! After the movie we biked back to her house, had dinner and then we took crazy pictures. We had fun with heart lollies and also made a video on music that we really don't like, metal with a lot of screaming. Here is one of the pictures we took:



Beautiful Day!

Today I only had to leave for school at 11:00.
And the weather was beautiful today! So I biked to school in my summer coat for the first time and I had my shades on :]
On the way back I didn't even wear my jacket.
Finally spring is coming, it was such a beautiful day!
But they say the rest of the week the weather is not going to be very good....

It's testweek and today I had my history test and my english oral about a poem.
My history test was an essay test and you had to pick one of the 4 questions and answer that in an essay. They were all about Hitler and Roosevelt. I picked the question in which you had to explain why a dictatorship can be effective in the case of a crisis. I think that went okay, I'm quite good at writing essays.

Then I had to wait for my English oral. I sat outside with some friends, the weather was so nice!
For the English oral you had to prepare 3 poems. When you came into the room there were 4 piles of 3 sheets with checklists and poems. You couldn't see the poems so you didn't know which one you could get. I ended up getting Sonnet 22 by some lady, I forgot her name xD
Then you got 10 minutes preparation time, and you weren't allowed to have anything with you only a pen/pencil. I just jotted down a lot of things I remembered about the poem in that time. After that you had to come back to the teacher and do your oral, which had to take about 10 minutes. It didn't feel like mine took 10 minutes, but apparently I did really well! We got 3 grades (for the knowledge you had about the poem, the presentation and your language) and I got a 9 for all of them! I actually can't believe she really said that right now....

But I have to go know, like I told you it's testweek and I have to study for biology and math!


New stuff :]

Yes I went shopping today!
I was actually only going to Leiden to see if there were some new bikinis and some nice stuff at the H&M. I ended up buying quite a lot of things.
I already took pictures:



A Hello Kitty pencilcase, isn't it so adorable?
It has 3 parts, which is good because then my stuff won't get mixed up as much.
And I really needed a new pencilcase, because my old one which I've had for just a year is falling apart.







All Time Low's CD 'Nothing Personal'! Eventhough I already downloaded all the songs, I felt like buying the album. I really love the band and there's some extra's on the CD so that's great!










A new bikini, blue with white dots. It's from Freya. I love that brand, especially because they sell swimwear and underwear for young women and they also sell big sizes!












4 Hello Kitty erasers, to put in my new Hello Kitty pencilcase! Aren't they cute?









A new skirt for the summer, white with blue stripes. I think it's really cute for summer and it's not too short. It reaches to just above my knees. Can't wait to wear it!









A simple blue tanktop. I usually put them under white shirts, because they always shine through so much. But when it's very hot I'll wear it just like this.













A shirt with Hello Kitty as a hippy. Yes, I am sort of obsessed with Hello Kitty.














A black and white striped tanktop with Minnie Mouse on it. I know it looks weird on the picture but it's quite cool in real.












And last but not least, a pinkish shirt with a smiley! I saw this when I was already in line to pay, it was hanging somewhere randomly. There was only one of them there and it was exactly my size! Yay :]











I also bought 3 pairs of underwear, but I don't think that's interesting for you to see xD

I really can't wait till summer now, I want to wear my new clothes!


Long weekend!

Finally there is a long weekend!
But guess what? The school decided it's funny to make us study over Easter. Our testweek is starting on Tuesday. That means I'll have to spend quite a bit of time studying. Luckily I don't have to study that much to get good grades, so I'll just study as much as I think I need to. But I'm not going to let it ruin my long weekend!

Yesterday I had my last chemistry class ever! And the teacher wasn't even there... we had the headmaster as a sub. We had to do a practice test which really confused me so I'll have to study quite hard for my chemistry test. And then I will never see chemistry in my life again! I also had my last art class ever yesterday. I still have to finish my workbook and hand it in next week, but that's not too bad. Also, I will never have a DCT lesson in my life again! I'm not anywhere near finishing my project though, so I'll have to work hard in the times we get next week to finish it.

One more term of school and then it's finally summer holidays! I'm looking forward to that so much.
Then I only have 2 years left at this school! :]