Finally the summer has come to Holland! In the last few days the weather has been great, it's really sunny and warm. Maybe even a little too warm if you sit in the sun. But I'm loving it! I spent the whole of yesterday outside because we had sportsday, which I usually don't like but it was okay because the weather was so nice. Today I also spent a lot of time outside, and tomorrow I probably will again!

But I can't enjoy the weather too much, because I also have homework to do. I have to work hard for school for 2 1/2 more weeks, because then the term and the testweek are finally over! I can't believe the summer holidays are so close, and yet so far because there's still A LOT of work to do... I'll be so happy once all the projects and tests are done and I can relax until the end of August. Then I will be starting DP1, starting the last 2 years of my IB. I will work hard those last 2 years, because I want to graduate with really good grades so I have the option of going to a university like Oxford or Cambridge. At the moment I wouldn't pick such a university because the language courses they give seem much to literature-based for me. But I want to keep my options open and I know I can get a very good diploma!

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