Today I found out about postcrossing. Postcrossing is all about sending and receiving postcards to and from strangers living all over the world. After getting an account on www.postcrossing.com, you can request an address. You then get a random address from a postcrosser somewhere in the world. In my case it was a 30 year old woman from France. By looking at their profile you can see what type of card they'd like to get. Since the woman likes cooking I chose a card with a cupcake on the front. You then write something on the card (don't forget the postcard ID!) and send it. Once the receiver registered your card, a postcrosser somewhere in the world will get your address and you will get a card from them.

Isn't it amazing? I love getting cards, and it's even more amazing to get cards from all over the world :]

Start postcrossing too on: www.postcrossing.com


  1. omg.
    that is such a genius idea!
    i'm really about to consider wether i'll do it or not (:
    thanks for posting X

  2. Just try it out! I started off with sending 1 card to see if I really like it and want to continue :]