This week (Tuesday and Wednesday to be precise) I went to Bonn, Germany for a night with my mother and brother. My dad works there three days a week, and we'd never seen his appartment or been to the city itself. On Tuesday evening we had dinner at Vapiano, and especially my desert was delicious! It was a so-called 'Mitarbeiter special' meaning it was the idea of a employee at Vapiano. It was a combination of cream with orange flavour, blueberries and cantuccini (those delicious Italian cookies!) arranged in a cup in layers. If you ever see it at Vapiano, give it a try! It's really yummy :]

On Wednesday my dad had to work. My mother, brother and I went to have breakfast at a bakery and then took the u-bahn to the center. My brother and I sleep on pillow sized 80x80 cm, which they don't sell in The Netherlands. So we bought those in the Galleria Kaufhof. I also got a new set of bedlinnen. I decided to have a look at the calendars, because they have so many in Germany, and then I saw a really big one of London! We bought it and I'm probably getting it for Sinterklaas, but I can't wait to have it hanging in my room! I also finally got the Arthur und die Minnimoys 2 DVD, with Bill's voice yes!

I really liked Bonn, eventhough I was there for such a short time, and so did my mom and brother. So we're defenitely planning to again some time. :]

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