Hello :]

Woah, I haven't posted in ages.
So here's a post again =D

Yesterday was Sinterklaas.
Since I am 15 and my brother is 13 we don't really celebrate it anymore.
We just got some small presents.
I got:
- A chocolate letter L
- A set of 4 showergels
- 50 euros
But I'm happy with it, because I can buy something I like with the 50 euros.
But I don't know anything yet, so I'll just save it till I know something great!
I also went shopping for a dress with my mom yesterday.
I got a turquoise strapless one =D
So I also count that as a present xD

This week is going to be quite busy...
I barely did any homework this weekend so I'll have to do that after school.
I'm also taking pictures of about 6 people for my personal project.
And I don't know like half the people, and I'm so bad at talking with people I don't know haha

I'll be so happy when it's weekend again! :]

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