So I said I was going to post a pic of my glasses right?
Still didn't feel like taking a picture, so you'll have to wait till next weekend.
I'm sorrrrrrry.

Today one of my friends, Abena, turned 16.
Whooohooo Happy B-day =D
She's a really amazing person.
Really giggly, too.
But that's what's nice about her :]

Tomorrow I'll be doing the ISCO test.
Which is like a sort of job/careertest... it basically helps you find out which careers are interesting for you!
I'm doing it, because I want to study journalism but I have absolutely no back-up plan.
And it's already quite hard to get into journalism, as far as I know.
It's going to take from 8:30 till 12:45 o__o
Hopefully it will give me a back-up plan though.
Because it's also quite expensive, I think about 350 euros?
And I don't want my parents to pay that for nothing xD

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