Hello there :]

I haven't blogged for a month, but I'm back.
The last weeks I've been very busy with projects and essays for school. And now it's testweek. Sounds like fun right?
Luckily I never have to study much to get a good grade.

Yesterday I went to Eline, my bestie, because it's her 16th birthday on Tuesday.
I gave her a self made calendar [which was actually meant to be a new years present but I wasn't finished yet], a 'bouquet' with small presents [for example a lipbalm, a lucky doll, a face mask, a lolly, etc.] and 3 candles which were called live, love and laugh. She was really happy with the presents, and all of the people that were visiting her found my calendar great. I was actually surprised by my own creativity. I don't have any pictures of it though...

In about a week time I'll see my other best friend, Annabell. I haven't seen her in half a year because she lives in Hamburg. She is coming to The Hague for THIMUN [a really big Model United Nations conference] with some other people from her school and staying in the Kurhaus so Eline, Annabell and I will have dinner in Scheveningen. Before that I'll probably also see Lydia and Floriana who I haven't seen in more than a year! I can't wait :]

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