All Time Low <3

Last Tuesday I went to see All Time Low in Amsterdam.
I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan, but I certainly love their music.

Eline and I met up in Leiden at 4. We had a drink at Starbucks [YUMYUM!] and then took the train to Amsterdam.
We were at the Melkweg at about 5:30 and froze our butts off for 1 1/2 hours till we were let in.
I already noticed when we went in that ATL fans seems to love pushing.
And I was right, during the concert people kept pushing and there were moshpits.
I'm sort of scared of moshpits, and Eline was dizzy, so we moved to the side half way through the concert so Eline could sit on the floor and I could watch from the side.
The view from there was great! We could see over all the people.
I loved the show, but the irritating people that kept pushing did ruin it a bit for me.
After the concert I bought a tourshirt and a poster :] I'll hang up the poster once I've changed my room completely.

If ATL comes to The Netherlands again, Eline and I will be there, the guys are great!

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