I just have to tell you about this lovely restaurant!
Vapiano is an Italian restaurant, which is absolutely gorgeous!
I have been there twice, of which one time was yesterday. They have a big choice of pizza's and pasta's and ofcourse antipasti, salads and the best desserts.
And it's not expensive! You can have a starter, a main dish and a dessert for about 15 euro's.

When you come in, you get a sort of 'credit card'. You use this to 'pay' for your food while you're in the restaurant. If you want to eat something, you walk to the bar and say what you want. The card is then scanned and the cost of the food is added. This happens each time you order something. When you order a starter you can wait for it, but when you order a pizza you get a buzzer. You take this with you to your table and it starts vibrating when your food is ready and you can pick it up. When you're leaving, you give in your 'credit card' and they scan it to see how much you have to pay. Then you can pay. Isn't it amazing?

Yesterday I shared Carpaccio with my mom and I had a pizza Crudo (with parma ham and parmesan cheese) and a Crema di Fragola (mascarpone with strawberries) and it was all really delicious!

In The Netherlands there are 2 restaurants, one in The Hague and one in Amsterdam. This year another one will open in Rotterdam.
If you live close to these cities I would really recommend you to go there some time!

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