And again I haven't blogged in ages....
I really need to do some more blogging xD

In the mean time I have turned 16 on the 6th of March [yay!] and I've been to Valencia for a week!
For my birthday I got the CD 'Almost Alice' from the Alice in Wonderland movie, a Lush package, a little cupboardy thing for my jewellery, lots of jewellery and loads more!

The day after my birthday I left for Valencia! It was a school language trip, to improve our Spanish. We had lessons from 9:30 till 13:30 every morning. Then we were free to do what ever we wanted around lunch. There was a park with palm trees right next to the school, so Rebecca and I would usually hang out there in the sun. Or we went to the 'Mascletas'. It was the week before the 'Fallas' [a Valencian party/festival] which meant there were really loud fireworks called Mascletas on the main square of the city every day at 14:00. In the afternoon we usually did something with the whole group, one day we had a guided tour of Valencia, another day we had a Flamenco lesson. After that we sometimes did some more shopping [most shops were open till 22:00 every day!] or went right back 'home' to our host families. Yes, we stayed with Spanish families. And the lady Rebecca and I stayed at was meant to speak English but she refused... So most of the time we only understood half of what she was saying xD But it was still fun!

And now... I'm at home... it's Sunday and I'm meant to be doing homework, but I don't feel like it xD
Going to have a shower first in a few minutes :]

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