New stuff

A week ago I said I would show you the presents I got from Kim and I still hadn't posted a picture! But here it is:

Aren't the sheep and the bear so cute? And I love the smell of the candle, it smells of vanilla.

I also bought some new tops in the holidays:

The left one is from Desigual, and the two on the right are from Zara. I also got another top from Zara, but it's in the washing machine now. I was pretty surprised that I found such nice tops at Zara, because I normally never shop there.

I also bought some other things, for example in preparation for the Morocco trip (we are leaving on Friday! =D): a new suitcase (but a soft one, like a 'weekendtas' but with wheels... don't know the English word), a backpack, a windbreaker sweater/jacket and some plain tops. Maybe I'll take some pictures when I'm packing and post them on here.
And I also went to Waterstone's (English bookstore in Amsterdam, it is amazing!) and got Jane Eyre and The Great Gatsby. Yes I am going to study literature for fun! :]

I can't wait till I have holidays again! How were your holidays, or haven't they started yet?

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