Finally the holidays have started, I really need them! I spent this weekend with a friend, Kim. She came to celebrate my birthday (which is in 2 weeks). Yesterday we went shopping and had a nice dinner at Vapiano and today we just played on the Wii. She also gave me some nice presents: a little figure of a sheep with a flower in its mouth, a candle that smells like vanilla and a special stone that I can hang on a necklace. I also bought some things for myself: a face mask and a long, white tanktop. I think I'll take some pictures of the presents tomorrow, so you can see them!
The rest of my holidays will be quite busy, because I need to do quite a lot of school work. I also need to do some shopping for Morocco.

To do list for school (so I can see what I have to do and you can see how busy I am haha):
- Work on World Literature Essay 1 (English)
- Think of idea for World Literature Essay 2 (English)
- Start on Individual Oral Presentation (English)
- Finish reading Atonement (English)
- Math exercises
- Read in Joe Speedboot (Dutch)
- Start studying biology
- Study for Spanish test
- Email geography essay to teacher

I think that was about it, and I also need to organise my school stuff a bit... my papers are all over the place. I am going to spend this evening relaxing in the bath with a face mask on, so I can start working hard tomorrow!

Oh and I just put the picture there because I think it's really cute, don't you? :]

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