Shopping <3

Yesterday I went to Amsterdam with my mom to do some shopping for clothes.
This is always really 'gezellig' [why is there no English word for this?] =D

I didn't buy that many clothes, but it was still fun.

I bought:
- Really thight washed skinny jeans, H&M
- White T-shirt with robots, New Yorker

And my mom bought some presents for my birthday, which is on Saturday. So I'll have to wait till then till I get them!

Before we went back to Leiden I had some problems with my ov-chipkaart -.-
I checked in but it said there wasn't enough money on it... I did activate 'Automatisch Opladen' though...
So we had to go to the info place and they said the automatisch opladen wasn't on o__o
I seriously hate the ov-chipkaart right now... it takes soooo long to get everything right!

But my Caramel Frappuchino made me totally happy again =D

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