Celebrate the freedom!

Yesterday Eline and I went to the 'Bevrijdingsfestival' in The Hague to celebrate the freedom of our country, The Netherlands. This year was the 65th anniversary of the freedom of The Netherlands, so it was an extra special celebration.

Camiel <3

We chose to celebrate this in The Hague because All Missing Pieces was performing there. The rest of the line-up was pretty bad, but All Missing Pieces was great! We managed to get a spot right up front, against the fences. Suprisingly, there was no pushing or mosh pits (which does happen sometimes at performances of All Missing Pieces), so we had quite a bit of breathing space which was nice. All Missing Pieces rocked the stage with loads of songs from their new album! Eventhough Camiel's guitar kept breaking down and the soles of one of his shoes ripped (and then he threw both shoes into the crowd), they still had a really good performance.

When the performance finished, Eline and I decided to go eat something. We decided to go to Vapiano, which wasn't far from the square where the festival had taken place. On our way there we strolled over the funfair for a bit. At Vapiano we both had a pizza and as a desert we got cotton candy at the funfair.

Eline and me with cotton candy, imitating fish.

It was a great day, even though the temperatures were quite low for May (as you can see we were wearing our winterjackets). We had a lot of fun!

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