Home makeover

No, we're not joining the show 'Extreme Home Makeover'. We're not quite going that extreme and just making a few changes in the house!

My parents have wanted new furniture ever since we moved here 2 years ago. To make the interior of the house extra special they looked for an interior architect. He made a floorplan with furniture and new stairs in the living room. Our kitching and living room are one 'room' but they are split level. This means they are not at the same level. We had stairs and a small 'fence' of glass parted the kitchen from the living room. These stairs are going to change into long steps, that stretch along the whole wall where the stairs were. In the middle there will be the part where you can get down and the rest will be used for the TV and storage or display. Yes, it's hard to explain but I will take pictures once it's all finished! Also the walls will be plastered white. When this is all finished the furniture can be put in, but I can't tell you anything about that because I don't know much myself.
Last Thursday the workers arrived and they started taking away the stairs in the living room and covering the floors with wooden boards so they don't get damaged. They also took away a wall from our shower, but my parents still need to order a new wall so for the moment we are showering in an open shower. Later they will work in my room as well, I have a cupboard that takes up nearly all of one wall and that will be taken away. Then they will paint the wall behind it white (it's orange now).

I honestly can't wait till it's finished in about 3 or 4 weeks time!

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  1. : ) Yeah... those pictures are absolutely vital!!!!! XD
    Sounds really awesome though.