Test: Lush Dark Angels Face Cleanser

I decided that it might be interesting if I start writing reviews of different (beauty) products I use, so you can find out if they are good products or not before you buy them. So here is the first test.

Lush Dark Angels

I don't know if you know the shop Lush, but they sell 'Fresh handmade cosmetics' and their products have not been tested on animals. The products are quite expensive, but I think they are worth the money! This also goes for the Dark Angels Face Cleanser. This product is a scrub that can be used to clean the young and oily skin once or maximum twice a week. It promises to exfoliate and deeply clean the skin and leave it behind nice and soft.
How do you use this scrub? You don't need much, take a bit the size of a coin and mix it with a few drops of water. It should turn into a paste that you can scrub over your face. Once you finished scrubbing you wash the scrub off with water. What I do is make sure my hair is not hanging in my face using a hairband, remove my make-up, scrub my face using Dark Angels, wash off the scrub with water, clean my face with my usual Tea Tree facewash and then put my usual Tea Tree 24 hour cream on. This results in a wonderfully soft and clean face, and the feeling lasts at least until the next day! I personally think it's a great product, that does exactly what it promises and it is defenitely worth the money.

The Dark Angels Face Cleanser costs € 9.25 for 100 g.


  1. Oooh, I love the Lush.
    If you make more Lush reviews, I would appreciate it very much.

  2. I probably will :]