I think I have told you about postcrossing before, but I never took the time to scan the cards I received and show them. Up to now I have received 3 cards, all of them in November.

This was the first card I received, and it came all the way from Australia! It's not my favourite one, because I don't like advertisement cards that much, but it does smell good and it has cute stamps with koalas on the back.

As you can see this one came from Dortmund, Germany. I like this one very much, because I like seeing the cities where the other postcrossers are from!

This card came from a city called Arkhangelsk, in Russia. This is my favourite of the three, because I like cities by night. It also has very nice stamps on the back, with bears on them!

I hope that I will receive some more cards soon, but I also want to send some more myself. However, I think it's hard to find nice postcards that aren't too expensive. Does anybody know a webshop with nice cards, or maybe a shop in the area of Leiden?


  1. 'k hoop dat je er meer krijgt :)


  2. ik hoop dat je meer krijgt!