I'm so sorry that I haven't blogged for over 2 weeks, but I've been busy with school lately and I've not had much blogging inspiration. I hope you can understand, and I promise that you can look forward to a new post this weekend!

I'm too tired to really think of what to write now, because I had christmas gala yesterday night. I was in bed at 2 (okay not so late, I agree) and had to get out again at 7:30. The gala was okay, but the music was horrible and partying is still not something I really enjoy, I'd rather go to a nice concert. Today a few friends and I sold cupcakes and baklava for 'Actie Paardenkracht', where students from my school get a free afternoon to raise money in this case for Ethiopia. We raised about 47 euros, so not that much, but I think that every little bit helps!

I promise I'll write a more interesting post this weekend! :]

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