Review: 'The Böögg'

'The Böögg' is a bath ballistic from the Christmas collection at Lush. It is shaped like the head of snowman and has colourful bits inside (mine was a bit broken at the back). I got this ballistic as a Sinterklaas present from a friend, and decided to use it last Tuesday. I had never used a bath ballistic from Lush before, so I had no idea what it would be like and would happen. When my bath was full, I got in and put The Böögg next to me. The ballistic started to fizz, and the colourful bits spread out through my bath. The white part was gone after about 3 minutes, and the colourful bits disappeared within 5 minutes. After those 5 minutes I was left with just my bath water, which I thought was a shame. But then I noticed the lovely smell that The Böögg had left not only on me, but in the entire bathroom. The next morning the bathroom still smelled of this ballistic!

So if you like bath ballistics and want your whole bathroom to smell of them, The Böögg is definitely a good choice. However, I personally like the bubble bar slices from Lush more because you can use them multiple times and they give you loads of foam, where the ballistics just leave you with an empty bath.

'The Böögg' costs 3.95 a piece.
I don't know if it's still available, since it was a special Christmas product, but if you see it and you like bath ballistics it's worth buying!

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  1. Het is zo jammer dat ik zelf geen bad heb, zulke dingen zijn zo leuk!