Here's some fashion inspiration, it's spring so it's time to get some new clothes! :]


I adore her glasses, hair colour and blouse!

I love these tights, does anybody know where you can tights like these?

Do I need to say more? :]

Again, I love the tights and also the top she's wearing.

Bring back the colour! Just looking at these bracelets gives me a summer feeling.

This skirt is amazing! Actually the whole outfit is very nice.

I like this bikini. A few weeks ago, I already bought a new bikini, it's a bandeau bikini and it's greenish with white polka dots.

Just a really inspiring picture. I should go look for some adventure!

All the pictures come from weheartit.com


  1. Awesome inspiration!

    Ik volg je, volg je mij terug?

  2. Die leuke felle kleuren van die armbanden zijn zo leuk!

  3. hele leuke post!

    Wil je stemmen voor marloes en mij? http://www.fotowedstrijd.nl/fotos/info/id/17323/