I really need to start blogging more often.... being busy with school is no excuse because posting something nice does not have to take more than 10 minutes! I will try to start posting something every week from now on. Maybe you could help me by saying what you would like to see on my blog, and what you would like me to write about?

Actually, I have been quite busy with school lately. I am in the middle of my testweek now, but I have a free day! But of course I have to study, because I still have my biology, Spanish and math tests coming up. After that I have a free weekend, so there is no reason for me not to post something nice for you in the weekend.

Last week, I had my Individual Oral Presentation (IOP) in English, which counts for 15% of my final exam grade. I was really dreading it, because presentations are not really my thing. Yesterday I got my grade: 28/30 points! I do not remember what I had exactly for each criteria, because I was so happy that I did not really pay attention to that. I actually started crying in front of my English teacher, how embarrasing is that? My English grade is really important to me, because I want to study English at university and if I want to study it in England I need a 6 or 7 (in IB 7 is the highest you can get) for English. So I am just really happy :]

You'll hear something from me again in the weekend, I promise!

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