Have you ever heard of Trollbeads?
Trollbeads is a brand from Denmark that makes some really amazing beads that can be put on necklaces and bracelets. The materials used by the Danish designers to make these beads vary from gold to glass and pearls. These materials are used to make beads with figures, or colourful glass beads.

My mom has had beads from Trollbeads for a few years, and she gave me my first two beads for my birthday this year. One of them is a lamb, the other is a white with blue dots. Here is a picture of the bead with the lamb (I couldn't find a picture of the other bead I got):

I wear my beads on silver necklaces, but of course it's also possible to wear them on a bracelet. You can wear as many different beads as you want on one necklace or bracelet to create a playful effect.

Ever since I got my first 2 trollbeads, I would really like to enlarge my collection! These are some of the beads that I would like to have:


What do you think of Trollbeads, and which beads are your favourite?

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