Recommended Blog: The Londoner

From now on I will regularly share the blogs I enjoy reading, so that you can start following these lovely bloggers too!

My first recommendation is The Londoner. Rose, a girl currently living in London, is the person behind this blog. As the name already suggests, a lot of her posts are in someway related to London. This is also the reason I started following her blog. I think I found her blog about a year ago when I was looking for people blogging from/about London. Rose always has some great tips when it comes to things to do in London! And although her restaurant suggestions are a little too expensive for me it is always fun to look at the gorgeous pictures she takes of the food.
I enjoy following The Londoner because Rose's writing style is really nice, it's laid back but professional as well. Furthermore she always includes great pictures, usually ones she took herself, in her posts. Of course Rose also leaves London once in a while, and then she will blog about her adventures elsewhere!

So if you love London and lifestyle blogs, have a look at www.thelondoner.me! (:

Are there any blogs you would like to recommend to me?

(P.S. I wanted to include a photo in this post but I couldn't save and upload any pictures from The Londoner, so I'm sorry it looks so boring!)

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