Travel: 5 places to visit in Europe

There are so many places in Europe I haven't seen yet, I would really love to spend a month (or more!) travelling through our continent sometime, seeing all its beauty. Of course there are many cities I would still love to visit (number 1 is definitely Paris), but Europe also has lots of impressive nature that I think is really worth a visit. Here is a list of places in Europe I'd love to visit some time:

1. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

I've seen quite a few pictures of the Plitvice lakes and they look amazing! The water is so clear and blue, surrounded by a lot of green. And I generally really like waterfalls, and as you can see there are lots at Plitvice.

2. Preikestolen, Norway

Okay, I am a little scared of heights - but I do love the view! I really want to visit the fjords of Norway sometime, and then I definitely don't want to miss the Preikestolen, from which you have an amazing view over the fjord.

3. Gorges du Verdon, France

As you might have guessed I like water, haha! I have wanted to see the Gorges du Verdon for a few years now, so I hope there will be an opportunity sometime soon. Again the clear blue water impresses me, in combination with the deep canyons. Must be amazing to take a boat through this canyon!

4. El Teide, Tenerife

The whole of Tenerife seems very impressive, with its volcanic landscape. But I am especially interested in the volcano - El Teide. A few years ago I walked on the Etna (Sicily), which was very impressive and I would definitely like to walk on another volcano.

5. Gullfoss waterfall, Iceland

And another one with a lot of water! Again, the whole of Iceland attracts me and I would like to make a  road trip over the island sometime. The many waterfalls are something I would especially like to see, such as this one, the Gullfoss. Waterfalls are just so spectacular!

I am definitely thinking of making a trip by train through Europe to see some of the things on my list (obviously I won't be able to get to Tenerife or Iceland by train), but first I have to find a likeminded person who will come with me!

Which places in Europe would you like to visit?

x Loes

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