I love London

I absolutely love London. I've only been there a few times, of which I only remember the last time I went, because I was too young before that. Last years' trip made me fall in love with the city. I can't really define what it is that made me fall in love, but I think it's a combination of the atmosphere, the people, the shops and the language. London is just a lot nicer than any city in The Netherlands, and if you've never been there it's time to go soon! I hope to be visiting this gorgeous city again next year, and then I'll make a decision on whether I will follow a full university course there, or only spend a year of my study there.
If you visit London I really recommend Camden Market, this used to be a horse market (if I'm right?) and now there are loads of little stalls that sell alternative clothing, music merchandise and many other things. In the same area there are also more alternative shops, such as a Criminal Damage shop. So if you like alternative styles: go to Camden Market.

Do you also like London as much as I do or do you have another favourite city?


  1. ALs ik die foto zie wil ik graag terug naar London :(

    Leuke blog!

    Ik las op Girlscene dat je meer volgers wou. Nou, ik volg je! Volg je mij ook? :)

  2. Echt leuk !

    haha, ik las ook net op Girlscene dat je meer volgers wilt, ik volg je vanaf nu,. hahah (:

  3. Bedankt voor het volgen!
    Ik volg jullie allebei, weet alleen niet of ik het wel goed gedaan heb (moet nog met blogger om leren gaan xD)