Dr. Martens

This year is the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martens, and since I recently fell in love with these shoes I need to dedicate a post to them!

At first sight Dr. Martens shoes may look really ugly and big, not shoes a girl or woman should be wearing. But at the moment these type of shoes are coming back into the fashion scene, and many girls and women enjoy wearing them! As long as you combine Dr. Martens in the right way, they can look fashionable and add something to your look instead of making you look like you are off to a building site. You can wear Dr. Martens like you would wear any other type of boot, with skinny jeans and a top in grunge/rock style. I can also tell you that they are quite comfortable, but if you are used to wearing vans/sneakers every day (like me) it will take a while to get used to proper boots like these.

I have this boot, the 1460 8-Eye in Black Smooth:

And I would like to own these sometime, I love how they are so girly but still not the shoes everyone wears!

And this is my favourite boot from the collaboration between Dr. Martens and Sanrio, who are both celebrating their 50th anniversary. Isn't it cute?

What do you think of Dr. Martens? Would you wear them or not?


  1. Ah yeahhh I love Dr. Martens!!!
    Jammer dat het net lijkt of ik misvormde voetjes er in heb... :(
    Het lijkt dan echt supermaf, maar als het me stond, zou ik het echt zekerweten dragen! En dan ook echt nonstop haha XD

    &Heel erg bedankt voor je lieve reactie!

  2. Dr Martens zijn zó gaaf! Ik heb een hele verzameling, haha. Wel jammer dat ik niet op Dr.Martens met hakken kan lopen...mijn voeten beginnen er gewoon van te bloeden, vooral als ik ze in de zomer met blote voeten draag. :S Maar het type dat jij draagt is heel comfortabel! Ik vind ze ook erg leuk met bloemetjes.
    Dit is trouwens mijn blog, mocht je het leuk vinden om die te volgen: