School is pretty much over for summer, and so I had some time to go shopping with my mom this week! This is what I bought :]

The same top in white and green from Esprit, it's really basic but I think the sleeves (you can't really see them very well here) make them really nice!

A white tanktop (to wear under the white top from the previous picture because it is very see through) and a white top with print from H&M.

A grey skirt with tiny stars (you can't see them here...) from Mango. Luckily it was in the sale, so it was 20 euros instead of 40!

Three nailpolishes from essence, the left two can be used to create a cracked effect, with the very left one as a base colour and the middle one as a cracked topcoat. I tried it out but I don't really like the white cracking topcoat, so I am still looking for a black one. The right nailpolish is a normal one (75 Tryin' to be cool), I think the colour looks really pretty! I don't know what it looks like on your nails though.

I am really happy with my new things! Did you buy anything recently?

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