Shopping: H&M

On Saturday I had to go to the city centre to get some watershoes (for my holidays in Crete - the 'beach'  in front of the hotel is a pebble/rock beach) and a cd drive (I can finally play Sims 3 now!) for my computer - but when my mom suggested passing by the H&M I couldn't say no. And of course I bought a few items from the new collection! (Unfortunately I already threw away the receipt so I don't remember the prices of all the items)

A reddish tanktop with a heart with skulls in it. I love this colour, and it seems to be a trend this autumn, so I'm happy!
I think this one costed 9.95 euros.

A greenish/yellowish (what is it?) tanktop with an owl (I love owls!). As you can see it is longer at the back and it is also kind of oversized, mostly at the back. I don't remember the price of this one.

A dark purple cardigan, again a colour I really like for autumn/winter. I think this one costed 19.95 euros.

Not a very clear photograph, but these are dark skinny/stretchy jeans (they are very tight around the legs, but I like that!) These were 19.95 euros.

A gray pencilcase with hearts! So cute, don't you think? I really needed a new pencilcase for uni but I didn't want to get a boring one, so I am glad I found this! This was 2.95 euros.

In August I am going shopping in Antwerp with my mom, a city I've wanted to go to for a very long time because I've heard there are very nice shops. Do you have any tips - certain streets or even shops I should really go to?

x Loes

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