Blub I'm a fish

My chemistry and math tests actually went quite well.
I have quite  a good feeling about chemistry, and with math I know I could've done better but I still did good enough.
On math I skipped one question because I forgot how to do it and didn't feel like thinking about it xD
But I knew I had enough things right to compensate for that.
Tomorrow I have a Spanish reading test and then test week is finally over.
Next week I will have my first lesson of economics and business!
I never had it before, so I wonder what it's going to be like...
Yes it's weird that we only get it this late and you don't have to take it but whatever xD

At the moment I'm just really bored.
I think I'll look up some more pictures and then start working on this secret suprise present for my best friend [sssshhhht...]
It's going to turn out awesome, and I hope she will love it!
She really deserves a just-because present, she's being and going through so many things lately...

Oh and yes the title of this blog is very random, but that's how I am :]

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