Yay :]

Today, I got back some really good grades =D
I'm not going to try to explain our grading system to you, because you won't understand anyways xD
So for Math I had these grades:
Test - 6/8
Investigation Number Cells - 7/8
Investigation Mystic Rose - 5/6 & 3/6
That gives me a 5 [out of 7] as a report grade =D
And a 5 = good :]
I was only one point from a 6...
& Spanish...
I got a 5/8 for my test. Could have done better, but it was quite hard.
It was a reading test with 14 or 15 questions and there were a few questions I didn't understand or missunderstood.
On my report I get a 5, just like math 1 point off from a 6 xD
I am really happy with these grades and I hope my other grades are also good =D

And I just discovered that, if I calculated right, I only have about 16 lessons of chemistry left in my whole life.
Whoa, that's not even that much right?
Can't wait till that subject is out of my lifeeeee =D
It's not that I'm bad at it, got a 5/6 on my test, but I just really hate it. I always think I don't understand it xD

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