Helloooo :]

Today started off very nice.
It was sunny and there were no clouds.
So different from yesterday, when it was pouring half the day!
I took the train to Amsterdam with my mom and we went shopping =D
It got cloudy and foggy when we were in Amsterdam but that didn't ruin the fun :]
I didn't buy much big, interesting stuff, but still some nice things:
- 2 Winnie the Pooh PJ's =D
- Underwear
- 5 pairs of studearrings [tapes, speech bubbles saying 'I (L) music', monsters, pink-black checkered hearts and hearts with a purple-black pattern]
- 3 Green Day CD's [Nimrod, American Idiot and Bullet in a Bible]
- Lush Big shampoo

I think that was it actually xD
Now I have to go and do some chemistry homework, which is sooo much fun.
Oh well it's got to be done, so I'm just going to do it now...

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