Yes, again.
My personal project has to be finished in 2 months time.
So far away, but yet so close.
I have the feeling I'm not going to make it.
Teachers just seem to think we have nothing better to do than make projects, write essays, write labreports, etc.
I really want to work on my personal project a lot, but I really don't feel like it when I've been at school all day and had a lot of other homework.
I have the feeling nobody will even want to be a model o__o
Yes I need models. I'm taking pictures of people with authentic styles in my school.
Should have chosen something easier >.<
Another problem: I never talk to strangers. I tend to get really quiet around strangers.
And that's one of the most important things in this whole project.
Most of my models will be strangers to me. I only saw them walking around at school.
But it might leave me with a lot of new friends.
I hope that on the 5th of January, when it has to be handed in, I'm not only happy because it's finished but also because I made a wonderful project.

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