New stuff :]

Yes I went shopping today!
I was actually only going to Leiden to see if there were some new bikinis and some nice stuff at the H&M. I ended up buying quite a lot of things.
I already took pictures:



A Hello Kitty pencilcase, isn't it so adorable?
It has 3 parts, which is good because then my stuff won't get mixed up as much.
And I really needed a new pencilcase, because my old one which I've had for just a year is falling apart.







All Time Low's CD 'Nothing Personal'! Eventhough I already downloaded all the songs, I felt like buying the album. I really love the band and there's some extra's on the CD so that's great!










A new bikini, blue with white dots. It's from Freya. I love that brand, especially because they sell swimwear and underwear for young women and they also sell big sizes!












4 Hello Kitty erasers, to put in my new Hello Kitty pencilcase! Aren't they cute?









A new skirt for the summer, white with blue stripes. I think it's really cute for summer and it's not too short. It reaches to just above my knees. Can't wait to wear it!









A simple blue tanktop. I usually put them under white shirts, because they always shine through so much. But when it's very hot I'll wear it just like this.













A shirt with Hello Kitty as a hippy. Yes, I am sort of obsessed with Hello Kitty.














A black and white striped tanktop with Minnie Mouse on it. I know it looks weird on the picture but it's quite cool in real.












And last but not least, a pinkish shirt with a smiley! I saw this when I was already in line to pay, it was hanging somewhere randomly. There was only one of them there and it was exactly my size! Yay :]











I also bought 3 pairs of underwear, but I don't think that's interesting for you to see xD

I really can't wait till summer now, I want to wear my new clothes!

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