This morning the sportive person in me came to the surface. Yes, I went running! My condition is really bad, so I want to improve it by going running twice a week, on Sunday and Thursday. And I also would like to lose some weight.
Today I went for about 15 minutes. Ofcourse I didn't run the whole time, but I think I did quite well! And I actually can't wait till I'm going again on Thursday!

Yesterday I went to Eline, we went shopping in Zoetermeer. I bought a blue shirt with Snoopy eating an ice cream at the Sting and bath tea from Blond.
After the shopping we went to 'Alice in Wonderland', we watched it in 3D. I had never watched a movie in the cinema in 3D, only documentaries in special 3D cinemas. I liked the movie, but in my opinion the 3D didn't add much to the movie. And you had to pay 10,50 euros, while movies normally cost about 7 or 8 euros! After the movie we biked back to her house, had dinner and then we took crazy pictures. We had fun with heart lollies and also made a video on music that we really don't like, metal with a lot of screaming. Here is one of the pictures we took:


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