All Missing Pieces

This picture wasn't taken by me, credit goes to Eefje Lammers (whoever that is).

All Missing Pieces is one of my favourite bands. It's a young band consisting of 3 brothers (Camiel Meiresonne, Quinten Meiresonne and Wrister Meiresonne) and some other extra musicians. They come from The Hague and are not very famous yet, but their fanbase is growing. I can't really describe the music they make, it's a little alternative I guess.

I first came in touch with their music at Appelpop 2008, when Eline told me they were meant to be quite good so we went to watch them. Right away I thought they were awesome, the guys have so much energy when they are on the stage! A month later I attended a fan day in The Hague and I managed to get pictures with the guys, autographs and Camiels guitar pick. I haven't seen them since October 2008, but they recently brought out their first album (Virtue.Mine.Honour) which is making me fall in love with this band all over again! I will be seeing them next week, at the 'Bevrijdingsfestival' in The Hague.

Just listen to some of their songs and tell me what you think:

Infinity (new song)
Busdriver (old song)


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