Beautiful Day!

Today I only had to leave for school at 11:00.
And the weather was beautiful today! So I biked to school in my summer coat for the first time and I had my shades on :]
On the way back I didn't even wear my jacket.
Finally spring is coming, it was such a beautiful day!
But they say the rest of the week the weather is not going to be very good....

It's testweek and today I had my history test and my english oral about a poem.
My history test was an essay test and you had to pick one of the 4 questions and answer that in an essay. They were all about Hitler and Roosevelt. I picked the question in which you had to explain why a dictatorship can be effective in the case of a crisis. I think that went okay, I'm quite good at writing essays.

Then I had to wait for my English oral. I sat outside with some friends, the weather was so nice!
For the English oral you had to prepare 3 poems. When you came into the room there were 4 piles of 3 sheets with checklists and poems. You couldn't see the poems so you didn't know which one you could get. I ended up getting Sonnet 22 by some lady, I forgot her name xD
Then you got 10 minutes preparation time, and you weren't allowed to have anything with you only a pen/pencil. I just jotted down a lot of things I remembered about the poem in that time. After that you had to come back to the teacher and do your oral, which had to take about 10 minutes. It didn't feel like mine took 10 minutes, but apparently I did really well! We got 3 grades (for the knowledge you had about the poem, the presentation and your language) and I got a 9 for all of them! I actually can't believe she really said that right now....

But I have to go know, like I told you it's testweek and I have to study for biology and math!

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