I haven't posted in ages again... sorry =O

Last weekend 2 of my friends, Yascha and Kim came over. They were still coming over for my birthday, which was on the 6th of March. So they still had some presents for me as well! From Yascha I got 3 lollies and a book with recipes for 500 cupcakes. I'm going to bake something from the book in the May holidays. From Kim I got 4 bracelets, which I've been wearing everyday since Saturday and 4 nailpolishes (lilac, brownish/greyish, dark purple and peach).
On Saturday we went shopping in Leiden together. I bought a new blue nailpolish, a belt with studs and the album Virtue.Mine.Honour from All Missing Pieces. We spent the evening at a playground nearby my house. We took jumping pictures and played on the seesaw and the swings. Yes we are childish, haha xD

Kim stayed over at my house till Sunday evening. On Sunday we were bored so my mom suggested that we could bike to the flowerfields in Noordwijk. So we biked to Noordwijk and then randomly took some route. We ended up in Katwijk and lost the route we were following, so we decided to go back home. I'm proud that we didn't use a single map, because I never biked there! In total we biked for about 3 hours through flower fields, dunes and past the sea. It was really nice, and the weather was great.

And the last few days I haven't really been doing much except for homework...

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