Daily Noted's Give-away!

Daily Noted is one of my favourite blogs. It is run by 7 girls, and they each have their own day on which they post an article. This means there is a new article every day! The girls write in Dutch, but I think it's worth it to look at their blog even if you don't speak Dutch. I think the blog is very original, because the articles are not just about one theme, they are very diverse. So if you don't know Daily Noted yet, just go have a look!

Yesterday, Daily Noted started a give-away (<- click) to celebrate the fact that they have more than 100 followers (quite amazing because they only started a bit over 7 months ago) and 50,000 pageviews. And the prizes in this give-away are quite amazing! You can win 2 nail wheels, a bag containing about 500 fimo figures and 4 Safari nailpolishes.

I joined the give-away, are you going to join it too?

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