Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil comes from a tree, the Melaleuca alternifolia, which only grows in Australia. This oil can be used to treat skin problems, something which the Aboriginals have already known for ages. The oil has many powerful sides, it for example kills bacteria and works as a painkiller. I have been using products containing Tea Tree oil for about 5 years, and at the moment I wouldn't want to use any different products for my face. I initially started using it as a treatment against my acne, but the products are still very useful when most of your acne has disappeared. The brand I use is called Courtin, and they have many different products containing Tea Tree oil, ranging from a face wash to foot cream. Of course there are also other brands selling Tea Tree products, I have seen some products in The Netherlands at Kruidvat, The Body Shop and De Tuinen.

My daily Tea Tree product ritual, which I would recommend to anyone, with or without acne:

Night (before I go to bed)

- clean face with the hand and face wash
- apply 24 hour cream (a day and night cream in one!) to face
- put a dab of pure tea tree oil on pimples (don't put it on your whole face, because it will dry out your skin! Also do not use it when you are going into the sun because, in combination with sunlight, it will bleach your skin.)

Morning (when I come out of the shower)
- apply 24 hour cream

These three products (the hand and face wash, the 24 hour cream and the pure tea tree oil) are the ones I use most. I really like the smell of the products, but for some people it takes a while to get used to it. My favourite product is the 24 hour cream, because it makes my skin really soft.

Do you use products containing Tea Tree oil, or did you ever use them? And what do you think of them?

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