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I spent the first week and a bit of my holidays in England, and of course I did the necessary shopping! I didn't spend much time shopping for clothes, because my brother (who says I've been in a clothing shop for hours when, actually, I've only been in there for 15 minutes) and dad were with me and my mum. But I still bought some nice things. Here are some pictures:

David & Goliath pyjama pants! The left one has hearts in different colours/styles and the right one has little big bens, red busses, guards and clouds (I just had to buy this one!).


Two David & Goliath T-shirts, with London theme of course :]

Poster of the map of the tube (ignore the books, I had to make the poster flat xD).

Bag with I <3 London, for the schoolbooks that don't fit in my normal schoolbag, and tea in little red bus tins.


Close-up of the tins with tea. The left one contains 'London tea' and the right one English Breakfast tea.


Book with high tea recipes <3
And the book 'Make The Most of Your Time on Earth' with 1000 travel experiences in many different countries.


These cupcake cases are so cute, I just had to buy them when I saw them :]

Some books to help me prepare for university and some to help me with my extended essay. From left to right: a book with poems by Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca (including English translations!), a book with Spanish short stories (again with English translations), a book on how English became the world's language, a biography about Kazuo Ishiguro, an autobiography of Evelyn Waugh (I'm doing my extended essay on 'The Remains of the Day' by Ishiguro and 'Brideshead Revisited' by Waugh), and a book on linguistics. I think you can guess that I want to study something with language and linguistics?

I always send cards to my friends when I am on holidays, and I also always buy some for myself. This time I bought two in Oxford and one in Windsor.


After a lot of problems (I ordered it from Amazon.de but they sent me an e-mail twice saying that it would come 2 weeks later, and I searched for it in music stores in The Netherlands but they didn't have it anywhere) I finally got my copy of Dirty Work, All Time Low's new album! :]

Some magazines! Seventeen (an american magazine, which you've probably heard of in ANTM), National Geographic Traveler and Jamie (Oliver) magazine :]

Besides this we also bought a box of cadbury roses (amazing chocolates!), but I didn't take a picture of those. And my brother got a ferrari from my dad. Too bad for him it's a model xD

What kind of things do you buy when you go on holidays?

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