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One more week, and then school starts again. Today I already went to school, to talk about my Extended Essay with my supervisor. I'm such a nerd right? As you all know, school means homework, and homework means little time to do fun things. This year I will be in the last year of IB, meaning I have exams in May. So, it'll be a busy year with lots of homework and studying to do. This means that I, unfortunately, won't be able to blog as much as I did these holidays. But I will try to post something at least once a week! And if I have more time, I will of course post more often.

I hope that you, my dear followers, can accept that I won't have as much time to blog when school starts again and that you'll keep reading my blog and posting comments. And I promise that you can look forward to that one post a week, because I will try to make it a good, interesting post every week! And remember: followers and comments always motivate me to go on! :)



  1. ahh spannend jaar dus ! Alvast veel succes ermee haha. Gelukkig heb ik nog vakantie tot 5 september. love it ♥

  2. Ik heb nog 2 weken vakantie gelukkig. Maar alvast succes voor als school begint! Liefs.